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Yaynet is software as a service application for electronic publishing complying with International publishing and industry standards to produce, to transform and deliver of digital content over Internet and mobile.

Media monitoring software application. The news published or submitted in different languages​​,from television and radio channels, newspapers, magazines, agencies, Internet sites, blogs, social media applications, journalists and individual sources in the form of audio/video, images, text, and document format in near real time are collected, indexed, archived, analized. Turkey's leading public and private organizations with a scalable cloud architecture architecture are installed with our application to monitor hundreds of TV / Radio, thousands of newspapers and magazines, tens of thousands of Internet / blog site, and hundreds of thousands of fully integrated with social media page in different languages​​.

Readjournal is a web based media monitoring portal for newspapers and magazines published in Turkey.

Cumhuriyet is the oldest newspaper in Turkey from 1920s to today. We have digitized every page and clipped very news. It is now online to Public.