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Archiving Solutions

Archive applications - internal use

  • Software applications for document, newspaper, magazine, audio / video, photography and news archiving and management

Archive applications - external sales

  • Mobile and desktop applications

Our services for transferring documents, magazines, newspapers and valuable paper archives in physical media

  • Scanning, OCR and document conversion services

Audio/Video Editing

  • Audio and video files clipping and conversion application and services
  • Video to Text (R & D work in progress)

Newspaper and page archive applications

  • Electronic clipping of newspaper / magazine pages

Archive Solutions



  • Scanning and transfer to electronic media
  • full-text PDF production
  • Document format conversions
  • Audio-Video recording and format conversions

Archive Solutions Our References

  • Istanbul Commodity Exchange
  • Turkish Presidency Directorate of Communications

    Turkey news in foreign media since 1930

  • Hürriyet, Cumhuriyet, Star newspapers

    Photo archive

  • Hurriyet, Sabah, Cumhuriyet, Agos, Shalom newspapers

    Newspaper archive since 1923

  • Zeytinburnu Municipality

    Land registry cadastre files