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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Güven Yazılım Teknolojileri (GYT) shows special consideration in ensuring the safety and privacy of the information belonging to our customers. This matter is a legal obligation of GYT in accordance with the relevant legislation as well as it is a priority of GYT’s sensitivity of the issue. In the scope of our approach in showing the utmost care to protect our customers’ information and to act in accordance with the relevant legislation; GYT prepared detailed regulations on this issue and accepted the principle to protect our customer information throughout all of our practices. In addition to that, we prepared procedures to ensure that all of our employees demonstrate the highest level of sensitivity in this matter.

The personal data saved by automated or non-automated means and/ or shared electronically by our website visitors will be used primarily to fulfill their demands, and later on to provide them better online and banking services. Also, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of GYT, we show due diligence in protection and safety of your personal data. Information including personal data belonging to our customers is not shared in any way or form with third parties without customers’ consent, except for the cases where legal entities or regulatory authorities demand access to these information according to relevant legislation.

GYT ensures that our supporting services’ providers do always abide by GYT’s privacy standards and requirements. Accordingly, it is our basic approach to protect all information belonging to GYT and to our customers from unauthorized access, false use and alteration, corrosion and destruction; ensure the privacy, integrity and availability of the information. This policy covers the information shared on this website and via other channels of GYT; meaning privacy policies, ethical principles and terms of use of the websites we have given links to and of other websites will be in force. Therefore, GYT is not responsible for the financial/emotional damages suffered in these websites.

When you share your personal information (address, phone, fax, e-mail etc.) with GYT, this will only be used for fulfilling the services that you demanded, communicating (regarding operation and maintenance services) and renewing you contracts. Your data will not be shared with third parties unless you have given your consent for data sharing. However GYT may be obliged to share information with some third parties even without obtaining your consent when it is mandatory by law. We may communicate with you for marketing and promotion of banking, insurance and financing product and services if you are in our approved data base. You have a right of withdrawing your approval when you do not want to receive e-communications of GYT. You will be released from our list of related channel by, for example, clicking the link “Please click here if you do not wish to receive any e-mail from GYT regarding promotion of new product or services.” you may find at the bottom of an e-mail.